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The notice of the 5th Fadjr International Festival of Visual Arts

Effort to improve life does not stop for a moment. Effort to eradicate, poverty, illiteracy, loneliness and exclusion should not be relented even for a moment. Thinking of suffering, pain and death of humans, who depart from anywhere in the world is humane and praiseworthy. However life is an opportunity that should not be forsaken for all the lost or never occurring moments! Whatever it may be, life is worthy enough to be accompanied with happiness and enjoyment, because it mankind faces difficulties that leave no space for hope, it should at least avoid the corruption of life's contents and answer sadness with joy, pain with enthusiasm and desperation with hope for life.

These words may not be easy for many humans grappling with the difficulties and hardships of their own lives, those who are sinking in the face of mishaps, regretful natural disasters and the worries of works and earning a living; but for artists or any learned person, passing through the labyrinth of time is not impossible. It is for this reason that we invite you the esteemed photographer to a competition worthy of your presence, comments and expression of your views in the frame of photography.

Theme: Life’s joys and hopes

Participation is open to all, and the event will be organized at an international level.

Works should be new and should not have been submitted in any previous biennial or Fadjr Photo events.

The submitted works should have been taken from 21st March 2011 onwards

Each artist can participate in the festival with submission of 7 photos on social documentary taken as a single frame. The photos not have been altered using computer software to the extent that they would fall outside the definition of documentary (enhancement an control of color and contrast as well as cropping in a way that would not affect the documentary character of the photo are allowed)

The photos will be judged by a five-member jury in two stages

Participants are requested to refer to the Festival’s website of for registration and submission of their works.


The three selected works (first to third) will each be awarded a prize.

First place: Golden “Tooba” statuette, commendation letter and the amount of IRR 50 million (international participant will receive USD 2000)

Second place: Commendation letter and the amount of IRR 40 million (international participant will receive USD 1500)

Third place: Commendation letter and the amount of IRR 30 million (international participant will receive USD 1200)

Decisions on unforeseen and unannounced circumstances will be made by the Festival's Secretary General

The organizers shall have the right to use the works for publication of the book, data bank and display in the exhibition by mentioning the name of the artist.

All participants, whose works have been selected for the Festival, shall receive a certificate of participation

The completion of the form and the submission of works shall be construed as the acceptance of the Festival’s rules and regulations.

The information provided on the form and the relevant labels will be used in the publications and the exhibition. Participants must therefore ensure the accuracy of information provided

A selection of admitted works will go on simultaneous display in a number of countries and the cities of Iran.

The Festival's calendar:

Deadline for submission of the works through the website: Jan.4,2013

Initial selection of photos:

Final judgment and selection of winners will be made simultaneous with the exhibition from Jan.13-19,2013

Festival’s Permanent Secretariat:

#17, Shahid Sodooghi Alley – Opposite Laleh Park – North Karegar Ave. Tehran

Postal Code 1418693541

Phone: + 98 21 6694 6910 - 11

Fax: + 98 21 6643 7254